Rebreather Accessories  

Rebreather Display Gauntlet 
Poseidon makes it easy to keep up with your display. 
Breathing Loop CC Hose 
These hoses will customise hose length. 
Tank Strap & Buckle 
Attach your diluent and oxygen tanks with ease when you use Poseidon’s stylish Tank Strap and Buckle. 
M28 Dive Computer 
The world's most powerful dive computer. 
Cylinder Bracket Complete 
Mouthpiece G7 
Battery Charger 
Power Adapter 12v 
Plug Adapters 4-Plug Kit 
Plug in abroad. 
Blind Plug Mouthpiece 
Miflex Hose Polyurethane 
The Miflex Polyurethane hose delivers diluent air to the POSEIDON SE7EN mouthpiece. 
3rd Cell Holder 
For when you want to use a third cell with your rebreather. 
Manual Injection Pack 
3rd Cell Calibration Kit 
Makes calibrating your third cell easy. 
Cylinder Inversion Kit 
Cylinder QMR Set 
Quick mount release attaches even quicker to your cylinders. 
Tank Band Standard 
Gigasept Disinfection Liquid 
Poseidon approved Gigacept is disinfection liquid for the Poseidon rebreathers. 
RB Handle 
Stainless steel handle for your QMR adapter. 
Quick Mount/Release adapter to dismount your rebreather to your BCD/Wing 
11 Inch Adapter 
Enables the tightest fit with your rebreather and BCD/Wing 
Keeps your bailout cylinder close and in a protective case. 
SofnoDive 797, Pre Packed Scrubber (2 Pcs) 
No need to pack scrubber yourself with pre-packed SofnoDive 797. 
O2 Sensor (Molex) 
Recreational Counter Lungs 
Over the shoulder counter lungs. 
Tech Counter Lungs 
Use Poseidon Tech Counter Lungs when you need to add oxygen and diluent air to your loop manually. 

The Smart Batteries Upgrade your standard Poseidon Rebreather with a simple battery change and go even deeper. 

Rec 40 Green 
Deco 40 Yellow 
Deco 48 Trimix Blue 
Deco 60 Trimix White 
Deep Black 
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