Regulators & Gauges  

Xstream Black 
Hardcore, Redefined. 
The Poseidon Xstream Black, based on the Poseidon Xstream, brings divers the ultimate in performance in all water conditions and at all depths 
Jetstream Regulator 
The Jetstream Mk3 is an updated version of the classic Jetstream regulator. We have now connected a Jetstream second stage with an Xstream first stage, thus creating a high performing regulator. 
The regulator of choice for demanding divers using air or trimix O2 Certfied. Outstanding performance and certified to 200 metres. 
Introduced in 1958, the Cyklon was the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth, and set a new world standard for diving regulators. 
1st Stage Xstream Deep G5/8" 
1st Stage Xstream Duration 
1st Stage Xstream Oxygen M26x2 
2nd Stage Xstream 9/16 Deep Black 
2nd Stage Xstream 9/16 Duration 
2nd Stage Xstream 9/16 Octopus 
2nd Stage Jetstream 9/16 Black 
2nd Stage Jetstream 9/16 Octopus 
2nd Stage Jetstream Blue 
2nd Stage Jetstream Red 
2nd Stage Jetstream Grey 
1st Stage Cyklon 
1st Stage Cyklon Fixed Yoke 
1st Stage G5/8" for Jetstream 
2nd Stage Cyklon 5000 Black 
2nd Stage Cyklon Metal 
2nd Stage Cyklon Metal/Yellow 
Pressure Gauge in Black 
Cirrus Pressure Gauge with Hose 
Double Console in Black 
Manometer Mini BAR 
Manometer Mini PSI 
Compass Cirrus 
Poseidon EBS 
LP-Hose MK3 9/16-18 
LP-Hose Wing Inflator 80cm 
LP-Hose O2 Wing Inflator 65cm 
LP-Hose Cyklon UNF 3/8" 
Protective Cap for 1st Stage 
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