Bags, Cases & Accessories  

One Shoe 
Poseidon’s One Shoe booty is made to fit with the design features of the One Suit. Made in Neoprene with waterproof back zipper from YKK. A Shoe worth wearing above and below the surface. 
Poseidon M28 Dive Computer 
The world's most powerful dive computer. 
Based on the current glove, but with fewer design elements. Black with a smaller logo. Available in 3 mm. 
Semi­long neck for a good match with our dry suits. Liquid seams makes it highly durable. 
Keeps your bailout cylinder close and in a protective case. 
Day Pack Bag 
Poseidon’s weekend travel bag in ballistic nylon with water valves for wet equipment. 
iPad Case 
Waterproof casing for iPad available in black Nylon 1680. 
Laptop Case 
Waterproof casing for laptops 15" and 17". Made in nylon 1680. 
Line Cutter 
Titanium line cutter with multifunction casing, both velcro and webbing. 
Multi Tool 
Rubberised multitool with most commonly used tools for diving. 
Heavy duty steel cord retractor for underwater use. 
Ultra comfortable neckstrap in 2mm neoprene. 
Titanium Knife 
The black line titanium kinfe offers the ultimate combination of high quality and rugged design. 
Paraffin Stick 
Maintenance on your dry suit zipper can elongate the life of your dry suit. 
Backplate Steel One Harness/Besea 
Stainless steel backplate to exchange the plastic plate on the One Harness. 
Tank Belt Besea 100 Advanced 
Crotch Strap Besea 
Neck Strap Xstream 
Neck Strap Mask Silicon Black 
Neck Strap Mask Silicon Clear 
Mouthpiece Incl. Straps 
Bolt Kit Besea Butterfly 
Mask Bag 
Weight for Atmosphere 
D-Ring Kit Besea Prebent 
Anti-Freeze Caps Incl. Straps 
Hook Stainless Steel 50mm Strap 
Brass Hook 50mm Strap 
Brass Hook Double Butterfly 
HP-Hose DIL 30cm 
LP-Hose Besea Advanced 65cm 
Suit Hose UNF 3/8" 
LP Manifold 
Swivel Coupling 13 Bar Angle 
Swivel Coupling 13 Bar Angle O2 
Filling Adapter M26-G5/8" O2-Clean 
Banjo 300 Bar UNF 7/16" 
Banjo 90 HP O2-Clean 
Security Valve 14 Bar UNF 3/8" 
Connection Int 3/8" Ext 1/8" 
Connection Int 1/8" Ext 7/16" 
Security Valve 14 Bar G1/8"