Customer Care 

Poseidon Dealers - Level of Service: 
What you can expect from an Authorized Poseidon dealer. 
If you need to service any of your Poseidon equipment, 
you can always turn to an Authorized dealer. 
They are all authorized and certified to service Poseidon regulators. 
This is the minimum requirement for an Authorized Poseidon Dealer. 
The dealer is required to have our full range of regulators in the store. This means 
that you will be able to take a closer look at, and feel, the quality of 
our different regulator models. 
In many cases, the Authorized dealers will carry most of the 
Poseidon equipment in their stores. If they are missing 
anything, our global net of Distributors ensures that they can order it and have 
it in their store within a day or two. 
Service and Repairs: 
Take care of your equpment and your equipment will take care of you. 
Scuba gear is designed to keep you alive in an environment that is not meant 
for humans to spend any longer period of time in. Water it self, 
temperature and pressure is some of the factors that each and every one 
can cause damage or worse to the human body. 
This means that your life might depend on your equipment 
functioning the way they are supposed to. 
Our products are designed to last for a long period of time, 
providing reliable and safe functionality, enabling you to enjoy the "big blue". 
But this also requires that you take good care of your equipment 
and make sure that you service and maintain your equipment on a regularly basis. 
All our Authorised dealers are certified to service all Poseidon 
regulators and repair most of our other products. And if they 
can't repair it, the local Poseidon Distributor/Agent or Poseidon Sweden can. 
The Myths: 
Poseidon is one of the worlds oldest, still existing, manufacturer of scuba equipment. Since 1958, Poseidon has developed and manufactured innovative and high quality scuba equipment. 
Since the launch of the Cyklon regulator, the worlds first single hose regulator, in 1958 a number of myths about the company and our products have flourished and some are still active within the scuba community. Some of these myths has its origin in actual events and actual data, others have been created through lack of knowledge or guesses. 
It's expensive servicing Poseidon regulators. 
It's difficult servicing and adjusting Poseidon regulators. 
It's difficult finding a service centre that can service Poseidon regulators. 
Spare parts for Poseidon regulators are difficult to get. 
A Poseidon regulator will free flow if the tank pressure goes below 13 bar / 200 psi. 
Poseidon regulators have higher intermediate pressure then all other regulator brands. 
A Poseidon regulator can't be used as a stage regulator, as it will start to suck water. 
A Poseidon regulator works very well for cold water diving, but if you dive in warm waters, you should buy an other brand. 
Poseidon Dealers - Requirements: 
Authorized Poseidon Dealers - A sign of quality. 
Not all dealers are qualified to sell Poseidon equipment. To make sure that you as a customer gets the best and most professional service and care possible, all Poseidon dealers around the world have to live up to a number of requirements. 
If you see this sign on the door of a scuba-gear retailer, you can be asured that you are in good hands and that you will get top-level service and products! 
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