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New M28 firmware release, v 2.1.7 
New SE7EN firmware, v 1.49 
MKVI to SE7EN E-Module Upgrade Available! 
For more information and to make an order, please click here 
While Stocks Last. 
Solid State Sensor Now Available! 
New lifetime oxygen sensor gives failsafe diving. 
Solid State Sensor is now in stock! 
Poseidon M28 - New Firmware Release, version 2.1 
Based on user feedback, a new firmware update is available for the M28 dive computer. New features and changes include: 
Sleep mode, Auto power off - user selectable, Charging with smaller chargers, Startup in last dive mode, Dive start / stop adjusted, Active dive indicator, Dive log - more info. 
To download the release and see the full details of the firmware update, visit this link 
For a step-by-step video on how to update, please visit this link.‍‍‍‍‍‍ 
Bus Blocks now available! 
The F2M and M2F Bus blocks for the M28 are now available!  
Protect your M28 with Protective Cover. 
Made in silicone rubber quality. 
Poseidon M28 Firmware Release Version 2.0 
Based on end user feedback and comments we are now releasing the first M28 firmware update, that contain the following changes/additions: 
Font size changes, Set-point editing, Hypoxic Diluent, Key button start time, CPOD with galvanic Oxygen sensor, Hyperoxic linearity test, Dive log, Picture size, Map view. 
To download the release and see the full details of the firmware update, visit 
Protect your M28 with Screen Protection film. 
Easy to mount on the screen. 
2 pieces Protection film + Clean cloth. 
The Oxygen Cell Is Dead, Long Live The Oxygen Cell! 
The invention of the new optical cell and digital communication with the brand new Dive Computer M28 is a game changer. The good news is that you never have to buy new oxygen cells or care for the best-before-date. You don´t even have to calibrate them, nor services them. The best part: You can fit it on ANY REBREATHER, where you want to monitor your PO2. 
Xstream Black Kit 
With the Xstream Black Kit you get: 
• First Stage Black 
• Second Stage Black, with Black hose 
• Octopus, with Black hose 
• Poseidon Manometer 
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