Discontinued Products - While Stocks Last  

Poseidon MKVI 
The Poseidon discovery is the worlds first rebreather for recreational divers. 
Protection Handle 
The stainless steel handle is easily mounted on top of your Poseidon MKVI. 
One Wing 
Rebreather BCD 
One Harness 
Wing Besea D100 
One Suit Sport (Neoprene) 
Wetsuit Semidry 
Wetsuit Semidry 
Wetsuit Shorty 
Wetsuit Shorty 
Evolution X 
Poseidon Flexi Boot 
Trident Fin 
Snorkeling Fin 
Accessory Pocket M 
Belt Kit Besea CL 
LP-Hose Xstream O2 Washed 
Accessory Pocket West 
Belt Kit Besea SCL 
Security Valve 14 Bar UNF 3/8" 
Strap Kit Weight Pocket Besea 
Belt Buckle 
Extenstion Nipple UNF 7/16" Ext. 
Poseidon Pennant Downward 
Poseidon Pennant Sideward 
Dive Buoy 
SMB Inflatable 
Based on current version with less design elements, available as 5 mm in black. 
Base Layer 
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