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Poseidon UK: 
Our website is meant to give you an experience. Browse the site, play the videos and view the tech tips to get the most out of our products. Read manuals, study the technology and locate dealers or service centers. Chat with our test divers and developers, most of them among the most experienced divers in the world and buy whatever you need. Regardless if you buy your products here or at the nearest Poseidon dealer, you´ll get the same outstanding service and support. 
Poseidon Direct is designed for your benefit and pleasure. To provide the best support ever found and the best service ever offered. To give you tips and ideas to help you get the most out of our products. That is what we are here for, if you miss anything, don´t hesitate to contact us. 
And finally, enjoy the experience. Just as you do on your dives! 
The dive... the ultimate escape and the ultimate sensation of being. 
Below the surface - do not disturb and don't be disturbed. All the gadgets and equipment that seemed so cool above will do their job and disappear into your peace of mind. They have done their job on North Sea oil rigs, they have done their job in complex Arctic Search and Rescue missions. They will do the job for you and be quiet about their business - allowing you to be filled with presence. 
This achievement has been a long journey. In 1958 Ingvar Elvström founded Poseidon. With a quest to solve a range of diving related problems his innovative solutions securely placed him among the great entrepreneurial pioneers. Elvström's legacy has been continued and Poseidon equipment enjoys a stellar reputation within the diving community. Arguably though, no breakthrough matching the significance of Elvström's early work has been accomplished - that is until the launch of the Poseidon Discovery. 
Poseidon's Fully Automatic Rebreather - the Discovery - is arguably the greatest breakthrough within the diving community for many decades. It may be the longest and quietest dive you will ever experience - we will not be quiet about its existence. It represents a giant leap in shifting the diving experience towards the sea of tranquility - allowing us to be an integrated part of the element our ancestors left 440 million years ago. 
Welcome back. 
Sweden has been a monarchy for over a thousand years. For all this time, craftsmen, merchants and others have been delivering goods and services to the monarch and the Royal Family. Poseidon Diving Systems AB has for many years been a selected supplier to the Royal family and thereby being awarded a royal warrant. 
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