Rebreather Support 

Manuals, Firmware and Support for the Poseidon MKVI and the Poseidon SE7EN rebreathers. 
Poseidon SE7EN User Guide (Ver. 1.3 Jan 2017) 
Make sure you have a copy of the user guide by downloading this version. It contains everything you need to know about the Poseidon Se7en. 
Poseidon MKVI User Guide (Ver. 2.6 Sept 2013) 
Make sure you have the latest version of the Poseidon MKVI User Guide by 
downloading this version. It contains all information about the 
latest version of the Poseidon MKVI
Poseidon MKVI 60M Upgrade FAQ 
Information on the 60M upgrade for the Poseidon Discovery. 
Quick Reference - Test Codes (2010-09-07) 
This is a quick reference list of all error codes in Firmware version 44. 
Download this A4 document and laminate it, and you will have a practial list 
that you can pack along with your equipment. 
Technical Bulletin (2010-08-25) 
It has been found that some Poseidon MKVI units could have been delivered 
with screws that has not been tightened with adequate torque. 
This bulletin should be read by all Poseidon MKVI users. 
Firmware Version 50 Release Notes 
Changes and updates in the latest firmware version. 
Rebreather Sensor Overview (2010-08-19) 
This is a document, produced by the manufacturer of the oxygen sensors 
used in the Poseidon MKVI, that explains the principles and functionallity of the oxygen sensors. Interesting reading if you want 
to learn more about oxygen sensors, how they work and how to best care for them. 
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