Masks, Fins and Snorkels  

The perfectly¬≠ fitting Atmosphere is the full¬≠face mask of choice for professional and cold water diving. Protects your face from the cold. Install communication equipment to talk with your buddy during dives. 
Black Line Series Mask 
High performance and high style are combined in the new Poseidon Black Line Mask, featuring LVSL technology 
A low volume mask that fits most faces. A robust frame and with optical lenses. 
Classic mask with ultra low volume. Very popular among technical divers and free divers. 
Trident Fin 
Ideal for those who prefer a rigid rubber fin. Stainless steel strap for easy on and off. One of the shortest fins of its kind with an edge on the side for maneuverability. Highly popular among technical divers. 
Sports Fin 
In collaboration with Mares, Poseidon launches its new, light weight Sports Fin. Featuring a quick release strap system, the fin is very flexible through its combination of PVC, rubber and silicone. The fin gives high forward force. Available in the One Series colours. 
Snorkeling Fin 
A shorter version of the Diving Fin, intended for the travelling snorkeler. Rigid rubber construction for good force. 
Black Line Series Snorkel 
Lightweight, foldable and funtional. 
This lightweight, matt black snorkel is the perfect companion to the new Poseidon Black Line Series Mask. The foldable design makes it ideal for easy storage in any accessory pocket, and the wrap-around design makes for streamlined swimming. 
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