Cylinder Inversion Kit 
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Cylinder Inversion Kit 
For technical rebreather divers who want to invert their gas cylinders. 
If you wish to advance into technical rebreather diving, many dive organizations demand that you have an inversion kit for your cylinders allowing you to turn valves on and off manually on your rebreather. Poseidon has therefore developed our own Inversion Kit with Poseidon quality. All hoses are made out of Miflex Polyurethane, which are robust and durable. The splitter has 1 inlet and 4 outlets, where one of the outlets has a plug if you don’t have to use it. 
If you want to use the Inversion Kit, it is a good idea to have cylinder valves that have 90 degree angles so you can access them easily by hand. 
Content of the inversion kit 
> LP Diluent Miflex Polyurethane Hose, 300 mm/11,81 inch 
> LP Diluent Miflex Polyurethane Hose, 380 mm/14,96 inch 
> HP Diluent Miflex Polyurethane Hose, 300 mm/11,81 inch 
> Splitter with 1 inlet and 4 outlets (with one plug) 
> LP Oxygen Miflex Polyurethane Hose, 700 mm/27,56 inch 
> HP Oxygen Miflex Polyurethane Hose, 300 mm/11,81 inch + packing 
In addition to the Inversion Kit, we also recommend that you add the following gear to your rebreather when going into technical diving: 
6011-054 Cylinder Inversion Kit 
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