Miflex Hose Polyurethane 
Miflex Hose Polyurethane 
A hose that is both robust and high quality. 
The Miflex Polyurethane hose assures diluent air is transported to the Poseidon rebreather mouthpiece. This hose is of the highest caliber and is an excellent choice for use with your Poseidon rebreather and both the Xstream and Jetstream regulators. 
0130-004 LP Hose Polyurethane 9/16-18, 90cm 
0130-032 LP Hose Polyurethane 9/16-18, 20cm 
0130-033 LP Hose O2 9/16-18, 20cm 
0130-034 LP Hose DIL 9/16-18, 20cm w.90 angle 
0130-035 LP Hose O2 9/16-18, 20cm w.90 angle 
0132-007 LP Hose DIL 3/8m-9/16"F, 38cm 
0132-008 LP Hose O2 3/8m-9/16"F, 70cm 
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