Deco 48 Trimix Blue 
The Smart Batteries 
Deco 48 Trimix Blue 
Upgrade your standard Poseidon Rebreather with a simple battery change and go even deeper. 
Poseidon’s rebreathers are ideal as you gradually increase your diving experience. You can make a smooth transition from recreational to technical diving with an easy switch of battery. Increase the depth capability on your Poseidon rebreather with ease, so you stay in your comfort zone. 
Poseidon makes it easy to go back and forth from recreational to technical diving. You can switch the decompression and Trimix function on and off on your PC. 
Water sealed battery pack in robust plastic. 
Technical features: 
> The battery will upgrade your unit to the specific depth limit. 
> Deeper versions allow you to specify the trimix used through the PC configuration program. 
TRIMIX 48 - Decompression & trimix can be enabeled. The lowest oxygen content allowed is 16%. Down to 48 meters / 157 feet 
Poseidon recommends the purchase of Tech Counter Lungs with the TRIMIX 48 battery. When purchasing the TRIMIX 60 and DEEP batteries, it is mandatory to purchase Tech Counter Lungs (and upgrade your e-module hardware if you have a Poseidon MKVI). 
6011-028 Deco 48 Trimix Blue 
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