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Pro Force Fin



Pro Force fins are preferred by Special Forces and serious SCUBA divers around the world.

  • Pro Force Fins were chosen by Jens Hilbert to set the current underwater swimming world record!
  • Pro Force fins are ranked among the most efficient SCUBA fins in US Navy sponsored research.
  • Great for military and commercial use,and SCUBA instructors or recreational divers of any experience level. - Compact for travel. Maneuverable for photography and not kicking delicate marine life

Bungee Heel Straps are now fitted with all new Force Fins

Force Fins have an open-toe pocket that is available in sizes to fit even the largest or smallest feet. It leverages the power of your natural swim kick to concentrate power generated by the large muscles in your thighs, hips and derriere, without strain on your knees. Force Fins feature our patented, snappy-V-split blade that helps you to swim fast! Small compact blade design is easy to maneuver and control, making it easy to avoid kicking delicate reefs.

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