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Bungee Heel Strap Replacement Kit


Bungie Heel Strap Kit includes:
Marine quality bungie cord, cut and sealed – 2 + 2 extra
A pair of Ethafoam heel pads to cushion and distribute cord tension around your heels
4 x Delraine strap mounts pre-laced through the bungie cord
4 x Stainless steel screws and brass bushings
Sealant to bind the screws to the bushing, so they do not come loose when you kick



Bungie Heel Straps are the easiest strap system to use.

  • With a quick pull of the tab, the fin is easily secured on or pulled off.
  • No need for fragile quick release clips as the bungie easily stretch around drysuit boots.
  • Bungie Heel Straps are made with marine grade bungie for maximum durability
  • Ideal for cold water diving where cumbersome gloves are worn, or for surf entry dives.

Includes all you need to change your nylon strap to a Bungie. A fleece and nylon covered polyethelen heel pad designed to cushion the heel and distribute the tension of the strap. Marine quality bungie. New screws, bushings, delraine strap mounts, an allen wrench and loctite.

The elasticity of the Bungie adjusts the tension of the fin around the heel of the foot and with a quick pull of the tab, the fin is easily secured on or pulled off.

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