Solid State 02 Sensor SS02


Absolute oxygen measurement
Factory calibrated
Fast and accurate
Low power consumption
Can be used with the M28 and CPOD system



Voting logic is not always logical and traditional O2 sensors have a short shelf life and are prone to failure. For that reason, we have created the Solid State O2 sensor. This factory calibrated sensor is absolute and delivers unsurpassed operating life, as well as calibration stability. In a nut shell, this sensor needs no user calibration and is the most trusted sensor ever made. Be confident that it is reading correctly at any depth.

The digital sensor technology brings a quantum leap in reliability, PO2 accuracy and longevity and enhances every aspect of your dive. Know your PO2. Don't guess. The Solid State O2 Sensors and patented oxygen sensor validation ensure that you know your PO2 reading is accurate. Dive safe, dive digital.

Weight (g): 46.00

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