Scrubber - Pre packed (2 pcs)

No need to pack scrubber yourself with pre-packed SofnoDive 797.
SofnoDiveÌÄå´ 797 eliminates the need for the user to come into contact with the absorber material (SofnolimeÌÄå´) and provides a guaranteed performance.
Each package holds 2 containers of scrubber. Each container provides 3 hours of CE approved dive time.
SofnoDive_ 797, made by Molecular Products, is the only scrubber that Poseidon Diving Systems AB has approved to be used with PoseidonÌâås rebreathers.
Pre packed scruber for the Poseidon Discover MkVI rebreather, made by Molecular Products especially for the Discovery MkVI.
The principal is easy: Each time you fill the O2 tank on the rebreather, you replace the scrubber. Then you can be sure that the scrubber will be able to handle the CO2 created during the dives.
Sold in packages of two.
The price is for a packages of two scrubbers.
Weight: 2,7 kgs (5,95 lbs) each

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