Poseidon SE7EN+ TEC Edition

This package includes:
- Poseidon Se7en+ Rebreather
- Repackable Scrubber
- Tank Belts Se7en
- Battery Module - Deep (Black)
- Counter Lung Pack with valves to be specified
- Poseidon Harness with Backplate
- Poseidon Wing WRB
- RB Handle
- Cylinder Inversion Kit
- Poseidon M28 Computer - CCR Ready
- Connecting Cable M2 1.25m/ 4ft
- Steel Cylinder Set
Required Options:
- Oxygen Sensors x 2, Solid State Sensors x 2 (additional charge) or a combination of the two.
- Tech Counter Lungs or Back Mounted Counter Lungs
The Tec edition pulls no punches. Perfect for the technical diver who wants it all, full manual control when needed and still the convenience and unparalleled safety of a SE7EN+.

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