One Wing & One Harness 
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One Wing & One Harness 
Poseidon’s single tank wing in the ONE design 
One Wing is designed both for beginners and for more experienced divers: Sportwing with excellent volume increase, Superior bladder deflation capabilities Four dump valves 
Poseidon’s single tank wing is now available in the ONE design. Featured in 5 colors and made in CorduraTM 1000. Designed for beginners and for more experienced divers, the One Wing 50 is a sportwing with excellent volume increase and superior bladder deflation capabilities. When deflated, the ClamRetract system helps to reduce size and drag to the minimum. Four dump valves and an inflator with a stainless steel mechanism ensure inflation and deflation is always controlled and safe; and the shape of the bladder compensates for the weight of the tank when sub­ merged and gives you freedom to move in any direction. The narrow air passage behind the neck is designed not to impede head movement or foul regulators and hoses when inflated. 
The One Wing is made for equipment with a negative weight in water that does not exceed 19 kg (41.6 lbs) and has a lifting capacity of 225 N. It comes with a double, non­flex tank­band tank attachment system and can also be equipped with integrated weight pockets, accessory pockets, metal back plate, pinbolt kit and D­rings. 
The standard size has a waist belt with three rows of 40 cc holes; and the large size has six rows. 
This is a superb high­performing harness with ergonomic properties developed from advanced backpacks, and a unique variety of adjustment options to optimize both fit and comfort. 
The One Harness is an enhanced version of the Besea Advanced harness. We have made the shoulder straps narrower and integrated the waist belts and lumbar support in to one belt with the same ergonomic advantages but a better fit. All Poseidon Wings wings can be mounted. 
Available in two sizes: Standard (M) and Large (L). The difference between the two sizes is the length of the waistbelt and the number of 40 cc holes (3 rows for Standard and 6 for Large). 
Color: Red & Black 
0335-030 One Wing Red 
0335-000 One Wing Black 
One Wing 
0336-034 Harness One Red Standard 
0336-036 Harness One Red Large 
0336-064 Harness One Black Standard 
0336-066 Harness One Black Large 
One Harness 
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