60M Trimix Upgrade 
Technical Specifications: 
> Lowest oxygen level you can set is 16 % 
> Easy to enable and disable the decompression and trimix setting in PC Config 
> Confirmation of the trimix blend is done both in the PC config as well as on your unit 
60M Trimix Upgrade 
If you strive to go deeper in a safe manner, then the 60M Trimix Upgrade is the right step for you! 
To explore the greater depths down to 60 meters / 200 feet is something that intrigues many divers. To explore wrecks, deeper coral reefs or caves sometimes means going beyond the normal recreational depths. 
The Poseidon rebreather offers superior technological innovations allowing you to manage your dive and keep you safe while enjoying a more fulfilling dive. If you already own a Poseidon rebreather you will be familiar with the controls, which will make you more comfortable and relaxed when taking the next step into the technical rebreather world. At Poseidon our philosophy is that rebreather divers should be able to choose their own pace as they build confidence in their diving, and not have to take big leaps when advancing from recreational to technical divers. 
You can chose to purchase your Poseidon rebreather already configured for 60 meter / 197 feet diving from the start. Or you can purchase a recreational rebreather from the start and then chose to upgrade at a later stage, once you have built up your confidence in diving your Poseidon rebreather. 
If you currently own a Poseidon rebreather you will need to do the following to be able to upgrade your unit: 
> Purchase Tech Counter Lungs 
> Purchase TRIMIX 60 Smart Battery 
> Hand in your e-module at the dealer for a hardware upgrade 
Prior to purchase you will need to show proof of the proper training level by a recognized training agency. 
Please read more about the 60M Upgrade here. 
Find your closest dealer. 
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